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We have been developing here for almost forty years. We were one of the first labs between Boston and Portland--and are now one of the few remaining in the United States. We offer black & white, C-41 color negative, and E-6 color slide processes.. While the most common sizes are 35mm and 120, we do the others, too--from sizes from 110 up to 4’’ x 5’’.


Call or stop by the lab anytime ( 263 Central Avenue, Dover NH ) and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about film processing. We are not a camera store and don’t sell equipment, but do sell film and batteries for many older style non-digital cameras.


If you are not local to drop off your film to us, use our website created just to handle film developing: https://oldschoolphotolab.com/

There you will find a complete list of service options with prices. We pay shipping both ways when you use our prepaid mailing label you will find at the website. All you have to do after you fill out your order form there is supply your own sturdy mailing envelope ...and drop it in the mail to us.


A service schedule for different film types is there at the website. It does vary with seasonal volume, but we try to keep it up to date.


If you have questions about film developing and want to email us….ask away: info@photosmithimaging.com


The lab operates Monday through Friday from 10AM to 6PM. We do not process on the weekends.







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Email: info@photosmithimaging.com





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